We leave you to do what you are best at. You leave the speech preparation up to us. We help you to develop a clear-cut strategy and power statement for your upcoming speaking assignment. Then, either you prepare the speech/presentation. We discuss and provide feedback about the speech/presentation that was written. Alternatively, we can write it for you. Or, we edit your speech/presentation.

What are the advantages for you?
  • You deliver a great speech without the slog of planning and/or writing it
  • It helps you to achieve your purpose with your speech /presentation 
  • It ensures that you stay within the your time limit of speaking 
  • If English is not your fist language, it helps you to express yourself with style
  • We make sure that your English grammar and sentence structure is correct
  • We make sure that your sentences are short enough so that your audience finds it easy to listen to you

You can then still decide to practice your speech/presentation. We record it on DVD. We evaluate the delivery of your speech/presentation, give immediate feedback and provide coaching.