The coaching programme is tailored to your unique needs.
The sessions are booked to suit your schedule.

One-on-one coaching enables you to…

  • Speak fluently and confidently to various sized groups and at events
  • Convey effective verbal messages
  • Use relaxation techniques to overcome stage fright
  • Use deep breathing techniques to empower a dynamic speaking voice
  • Use projection techniques to speak loudly enough
  • Use enunciation and articulation techniques to speak clearly

How the coaching packages are structured

  • Enjoy the benefit of maximum attention and individual feedback
  • Learn in a safe environment
  • Experiential learning: Practice, feedback, learn-as-you-speak
  • On-the spot coaching to develop effective speaking habits
  • You receive a copy of my book ‘Public speaking’ with the needs-analysis





Image: © designpics/ 123RF Adobe Stock