You need to overcome stage fright?
You want to know how to use your voice optimally?
You need to speak fluently and confidently at any public event?
You need to learn effective breathing techniques for a full, well rounded voice?
You need to convey effective messages to your stakeholders and clients?
You need to develop a presentation?

You have the choice:

One-on-One Speech coaching

One-on-one coaching fits easily into your schedule if your time is limited!
Your coaching sessions are based on your unique personal needs.

Pick your unique topic selection:

  • Analysing your audience & make the most out of your speaking assignment:
  • Step-by-step: Designing the strategy & content of your talk
  • How to write an Introduction & Closing of your speech
  • How to use visual aids professionally
  • How to use notes
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Body language & Appearance
  • Making language come to life: English for public speaking
  • Speaking fluently & avoiding filler words
  • How to introduce a speaker
  • Overcoming the 5 most common speech monsters

How the one-on-one coaching packages are structured

  • Hourly sessions, suiting your schedule
  • Practical assignments
  • We record your speeches/presentations for feedback purposes on DVD