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This book is for anyone who is, from time to time, asked to deliver a talk, to share a devotion, or to make an announcement at a social gathering or a sports club. It is for those who deliver training sessions, sermons, openings, or inspirational talks at conferences or events.

It is for those of you who have a passion about a topic and who want to inspire and touch people’s hearts with a life-changing, powerful message. It is for those who need to inform, convince, persuade into action, or educate through public speaking.

This book is for people who may not have the time or the opportunity to attend workshops, yet still want to be effective public speakers.

In Chapter 1, I discuss 10 methods that will make you a popular speaker.

In Chapter 2, I explain how to prepare for your speaking assignment, i.e., knowledge about the occasion, about the content of your talk, and about your audience.

Chapter 3 takes you through the 5 steps on how to develop powerful talks.

Chapter 4 shows you how to prepare an attention-catching introduction and an effective, satisfying closing.

Chapter 5 explains how to use notes during public speaking.

Chapter 6 discusses the secrets of body language, with an easy-to-remember acronym.

Chapter 7 shows you how to deal with stage fright.

Chapter 8 teaches you how to make language come to life and how to speak fluently.

Chapter 9 provides tips for good time management for talks.

Chapter 10 deals with the professional use of visual aids, and white boards flipcharts, chalkboards and whiteboards, and other props.

Chapter 11 teaches you all you need to know about developing an effective speaking voice, and it guides you through exercises for developing your best voice ever.

Chapter 12 is a description of the five most common speech mistakes (I coined them speech bumps) and how to overcome them.

With a tidy and well-structured layout, the ebook will be a pleasure to read on all devices.

Colored headlines and highlighted text

Colored headlines and highlighted text

With extra boxes for better understanding

Excercises help you to practise the learned information

Checklists help guiding you through your preparation

Photo-guided stretching excercises for a better speaking experience