Presenting to an audience, no matter how large or small can be a scary experience for many of us. Emotions such as stage fright, anxiety or fear produce tension in our mind and body, often without us realising it. 
Tension affects many of the muscles and organs we use for speaking. 
One of the best ways to manage the negative effects of tension is to do relaxation and breathing exercises.

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Presenting to an audience, no matter how large or small means taking up a leadership role. Whether we embrace that leadership role for the time we are "on stage" determines how confident and credible we come across.

One of my clients recently completed her cycle of speech coaching with me and commented about this:
"I have learnt that the moment you take charge to lead something, be it a prayer or a discussion or a presentation, then it means that this is your moment to shine, by taking up the leadership role..."

E. Luuanda 
 So proud of Elizabeth Luaanda from Nampower to receive her certificate of competence!

How we respond to unexpected crises in our lives determines how well we go through them: It is as if a 'NO ENTRY" sign suddenly blocks our way. 

I was hospitalised recently - I did not expect it coming, it happened within 24 hours. It was a critical condition. I had to cancel all my work appointments. And a journey overseas to see my children. It was hard. But I settled that this was a time where I had to come to a complete standstill and reflect. Be grateful for all the support around me, for excellent medical care. Trust that there would be another time to visit my children. I'm still learning.
How do you respond to obstacles? 

This is the time for celebrations! If you are invited to a wedding or family Christmas get-together you might be asked to do a toast. Here are a few quick tips for handling these from the latest Toastmaster's magazine:

  • Do the toast early on, as soon as everybody has arrived and before too much alcohol is used.
  • Get people's attention by clinking on your glass. 
  • Give a brief introduction of who you are and why you are giving a toast.
  • If the toast is 1-2 minutes, raise your glass right  in the beginning, so people anticipate when to drink.
  • End the toast with the celebratory call to action. "To..."

Enjoy your celebration~