Are you a subject matter expert who regularly trains team members or users of your product? I have just attended such a session on the use of a new software today and was made aware once again of some very simple basic rules that a lot of trainers miss:

  • Communicate clearly and succinctly - finish your sentences. Cutting off sentences half-way only confuses the participants. And frustrates them!
  • Avoid filler words at all costs: Words such as 'ehm, so, okay' - they dilute your message. And frustrate the participants.
  • If you show how to use software directly in the program, test beforehand whether it is clear to the audience. Participants will not be able to follow the correct procedure if they cannot read what is on the screen. 
  • If you cannot show a clear image, rather make screen shots and circle the important teaching points in a bright colour.

Enjoy the results of effective training!

A challenge that  a lot of people have during meetings and presentations is speaking too fast. This inevitably leads to the next challenge - not speaking clearly or mumbling: There is just not enough time to fully pronounce all the words. The tragedy is that people only "get" half of what you have to say or even misunderstand you. 
What to do?

  • Practice deep breathing techniques to slow you down.
  • Speak louder - it is hard to to mumble when you speak loudly enough. 
  • Practice your tongue - it is the most flexible organ in the body !

Let me guide you through some exercises to practice the tongue. It is a wonderful way to learn to speak with slower and more clearly. Enjoy! 

A challenge that  a lot of younger employees battle with when speaking around a meeting table is being too shy to speak out. This can be for fear of making a fool of oneself or fear of criticism. The tragedy is that you may have the critical piece of information that is missing. Or you may have a great idea to contribute that is never considered.

  • Be aware of personality differences -  If you are introvert by nature, here is an opportunity for you to grow: Challenge yourself to make one small contribution during the next meeting. 
  • Get an accountability partner or coach to help you to stick to your goal.
  • Celebrate when you have achieved that one goal!

One of the issues a lot of women battle with when speaking around a meeting table is speaking too softly. It seems that more dominant people get more air time.

  • Be aware of personality differences -  extroverts like to do their "thinking" by talking about it. That makes them seem more dominant.
  • Also, men naturally have louder voices than women. This makes it harder to make yourself heard when you want to share an idea or opinion.

One solution is to use confident body language:

  • i.e. Make sure that your hands are visible
  • Sit in an upright posture
  • Use good eye contact

 Also, train your voice to project well and clear. Let me guide you to use breathing exercises to strengthen your voice and then to project your voice to the ceiling, as a way to learn to speak with confidence and power! Enjoy!