Whether you prepare for a speech or presentation or whether you are a coach or therapist or teacher, it is essential that you warm up your voice before you use your voice extensively. You only need to spend a few minutes each day for you to see the results of a strong and pleasant speaking voice.

For our stretching exercise this week I have chosen the half neck circles. Most of us spend more hours at our desks than is healthy for our back and neck and this exercise is a wonderful release for those tight neck muscles. 

With week 3 of the lockdown, you are probably increasingly participating in Zoom or Skype meetings and might find yourself using your voice in a different way than if you were communicating in person. You might have to speak a bit louder, a bit more clearly. And perhaps you are finding that your voice is taking a bit more strain than during live meetings.

The solution lies in warming up your voice before engaging in online meetings.

Today, I will guide you through a third stretching exercise, another deep breathing technique as well as the first steps to warming up your voice.

As before, these exercises also prepare you for a better speaking voice.


With the end of week 2 of the lock-down, you might find yourself still feeling torn between becoming used to this situation and feeling stressed about what the future will hold.

Today, I will guide you through another stretching exercise as well as the next deep breathing techniques to help you manage feelings of stress.

As before, the breathing exercises also prepare you for a better speaking voice.

Here is stretching exercise for your shoulders: 


With the current global events and uncertainties it is quite normal to feel an increase of tension and anxiety. You might find yourself feeling the same way that you feel before your speech or presentation. Stretching your muscles and deep breathing techniques go a long way to ease these feelings of stress.

Over the couple of weeks, I will share a few exercises that will help you ease the tension. At the same time, breathing exercises prepare you for a better speaking voice.