Are you a subject matter expert who regularly trains team members or users of your product? I have just attended such a session on the use of a new software today and was made aware once again of some very simple basic rules that a lot of trainers miss:

  • Communicate clearly and succinctly - finish your sentences. Cutting off sentences half-way only confuses the participants. And frustrates them!
  • Avoid filler words at all costs: Words such as 'ehm, so, okay' - they dilute your message. And frustrate the participants.
  • If you show how to use software directly in the program, test beforehand whether it is clear to the audience. Participants will not be able to follow the correct procedure if they cannot read what is on the screen. 
  • If you cannot show a clear image, rather make screen shots and circle the important teaching points in a bright colour.

Enjoy the results of effective training!