You will remember from blog number 7 that we practiced the sound ‘ei’ as in sight. This week we will practice another variation of the vowel sound ‘i’ but it is the short ‘i’ (as in bit or milk). Remember that, even if this sound is not one that you struggle with to speak clearly, use these exercises to prepare yourself for a presentation or speech. 

Here are a few breathing and warm-up exercises for your voice before we engage in the vocal exercises.

 Sit comfortably and tall, Relax your shoulders

  • Breathe in deeply into your stomach
  • Hold the breath for a few seconds
  • And breathe deeply out
  • Repeat
  • Now breathe in deeply and as you exhale – intonate the sound “hmm”
  • Repeat

 Now let us practice the i as in written or mitten

To shape this sound, open mouth well and keep the tongue flexible to the front

Here are a few words you can practice:

Pit – sit – lit – pink – wink – think – sink – kitten – bitten –  pin – silk – witch – which – pin – bin – sin – din

Here is the tongue twister to practice this sound:

I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen

Have fun and join me again next month with the vowel sound ‘ir’s

Tongue twister from:

(Exercises used from the book Speech Training for you by E. Sneddon)