Exercises for consonants 5

For this month’s practice round, I have chosen a consonant sound that quite a few of us battle with - the “th” sound. Did you know that there is a soft ‘th’ sound and a harder ‘th’- sound.

Before we engage in the vocal exercises, let us first warm up the voice. Remember that you can do these on your way to a meeting or presentation too.

 Stand or sit comfortably and tall, drop your shoulders

  • Breathe in deeply
  • Hold the breath for a moment
  • And breathe out
  • Now breathe in deeply and intonate the sound ‘hmmmmmm’
  • Repeat


The soft or voiceless ‘th’ as in thin, width, thousand

The tip of the tongue protrudes slightly between upper and lower teeth – sound is produced as the tongue tip is withdrawn from this position and the lower jaw moves down

 Practice the following words with me:

  • thatch, thimble, thick, thread, width, thousand, breath

 The hard or voiced ‘th’ as in them or that

The sound is made exactly the same way as before except that it now is a voiced consonant

               Practice the following words:

  • with, this that, then, those, wither, slither

 Here are a few tongue twisters that help you practice both the voiceless and the voiced ‘th’:

  • The first thing that they think of is this
  • Thirsty throats find things to drink
  • Some theories believe there to be things out there.

 I hope you had fun with these little exercises. Please join me next month with the practice of some more ‘I’-sounds.

(Exercises used from Speech Training for you by E. Sneddon; tongue twisters from http://englishxp.co.uk/tongue-twisters/th-tongue-twisters/)

The author cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, illness or hurt to the reader’s voice or voice organs or any other part of the body and by undertaking the exercises herein contained is indemnified against such damage, loss, illness and hurt.