Exercises for consonants 3

For this week’s session I have chosen a few exercises to practice the next two consonants clearly: “wh” in “which” and “whey” and “f” as in “photograph” or “off”.


  1. ‘W’ as in whine, whey, which

This w sound is different to the one we had last time. This sound is said in the same way as the ordinary “w” but it is preceded by a forcible expulsion of breath, in fact, almost like the “h” sound. For instance, notice the words wine, the beverage and whine, the sound a child cries makes when it is unhappy. Or, notice the difference between the witch – the woman on a broom stick with magic powers and “which”, the conjunction.

Whop whop whop

Whip whip whip

Whup whup whup

Whap whap whap

Whoop whoop whoop

Weep weep weep


Practice the following words with me: whisk – (whisk an egg), weather, white, whet (to sharpen a knife or an axe), whistle, wheel.

And here is a lovely tongue twister to practice this sound:

Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not.

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot.

We’ll weather the weather

Whether we like it or not.



  1. ‘f’ as in five, off, photograph, tough

Let us practice this sound with a few non-sensical phrases:

Fif fif fif

Fof fof fof

Fuf fuf fuf

Fiv Fiv Fiv

Fov fov fov

Fuv fuv fuv

Fiffety fiffety fiffety

Faffety faffety faffety

Feffety feffety feffety


And here is your silly tongue twister. Make sure that you really pronounce each word and sound clearly:

Five fuzzy French frogs frolicked through the fields in France.


I trust that you had fun practicing these sounds. Please join me for the next session where we will practice the vowel sounds “I” and “e”.


(Exercises used from the book Speech Training for you by E. Sneddon)

The author cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, illness or hurt to the reader’s voice or voice organs or any other part of the body and by undertaking the exercises herein contained is indemnified against such damage, loss, illness and hurt.