For today’s session I have chosen a few exercises to practice speaking two consonants clearly: ‘m’ in mime, moon, stammer and ‘w’. 

  1. The first one is an easy one, m as in mom, mule, meerkat, multiple

Let us warm up the vocal cords with a humming sound:

Hummmmmmmmmmm 10x

Your lips should be together for this sound but your teeth apart.

Notice how the sound flows through the nose, feel the vibrations on the top of your head.


Now let us practice the “m”  sound with the following words:

Mom mom mom x3

Mim mim mim x3

Mum mum mum x3

Mam mam mam x3

Mawm mawm mawm x3

Moom moom moom x3

Meem meem meem x3

Mime mime mime x3

Mome mome mome x3

Mome mome mome x3

Mim-mety mim-mety mim-mety x3

Mom-mety-mom-mey x3


And here are a few tricky words to practice:

Aluminium, linoleum, molybdenum (this is a mineral in our body), x3


And if that is not enough for you here is another one:

Come, come

Stay calm, stay calm

No need for alarm,

It only hums,

It doesn’t harm


  1. Now let us practice the ”w” as in win, one, quickly

Exercise for the flexibility & precision of the lips:

Wow wow wow x3

Woo woo woo x3

Wi wi wi x3

Woppety woppety wop x3

We we we x3

Wippety wippety wip x3

Waw waw waw x3

Weppety weppety wep x3


And here is a lovely poem to practice the w sound:

Wandering wavering whispering winds

Or a silly tongue twister:

While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washington’s windows with warm washing water.

In hope that you are having fun with these little exercises. Please join me for the next session where we will practice the vowels sounds “ou” and “a”.

(Exercises used from the book Speech Training for you by E. Sneddon)

The author cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, illness or hurt to the reader’s voice or voice organs or any other part of the body and by undertaking the exercises herein contained is indemnified against such damage, loss, illness and hurt.