Exercises for vowels sounds 2

For today’s session I have chosen exercises to practice the vowel sounds ‘U’ and ‘OW’ clearly.

 For another stretching exercise I include a link to a YouTube clip by my Pilates coach: https://youtu.be/IpZ_MxgN_LU 

 As always, please warm up your voice before you do vocal exercises. See my previous audio files.

Now let us practice the u sound, as in the words moon, spoon, juice

Here is how you use your vocal organs when you shape this sound:

Place one thumb in your mouth, draw lips around it, remove thumb, keep lips rounded and protruding, intonate oo

Now say the following words with me to practice this sound, repeat each word 2x:

  • Boom, room, loom, tomb, doom, broom, croon, coon, pool, ruler, rude, cool, school

And here is a silly tongue twister to practice the sound:

Roofs of mushroom rarely mush too much


Two tickets to Toulouse


Now let us practice the ow sound, as in the words cow, crown

Since we use 2 vowels for this sound, let us first practice the movement of lower jaw with the following:

  • Ah-oo – repeat 3x
  • Mah-oo – repeat 3x
  • Nah-oo – repeat 3x
  • Lah-oo – repeat 3x

Here is how you use your vocal organs when you shape this sound:

The front of tongue is slightly tensed, base of tongue slightly raised towards soft palate

Now breathe in and out deeply, then say with me:

  • how, plough, bough, out, rout, about, stout, scout, brown, town, crown, frown, down, sound

And here is a silly tongue twister to practice the ‘ow’ sound:

  • Bitter brown bread – repeat 3x
  • Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds – repeat 3x

I trust that you are having fun with these little exercises. Please join me for the next session where we will practice the consonants “M” and N”

(Exercises used from the book Speech Training for you by E. Sneddon)


Please consult your medical practitioner before engaging in any of the exercises.  The author made every reasonable effort to ensure that the exercises contained herein will under healthy and normal medical circumstances and conditions not be harmful.
Please do not engage in any of the voice exercises whilst being ill in your upper and lower respiratory airways as this can cause damage to your vocal organs.
The author cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, illness or hurt to the reader’s voice or voice organs or any other part of the body and by undertaking the exercises herein contained is indemnified against such damage, loss, illness and hurt.