For today’s session I have chosen a few exercises to practice speaking the vowel sounds ‘AH’ and ‘AW’ clearly.

For this week’s stretching exercise I have included a link to a YouTube clip. My Pilates coach provides a lovely 15-minute stretching routine:

Please remember to warm up your voice before you do vocal exercises. Please refer to my previous audio files for guidance.

Let us warm up the jaw before we start:

  • Gently touch your lower jaw with the fingertips of your 3 middle fingertips
  • Now make a few chewing movements with your jaw, like a cow that ruminates
  • Now gently drop your jaw downwards, as if you are surprised at something.

Now let us practice the AH sound, as in the words father, star, hard.

Here is how you use your vocal organs when you shape this sound:

The tongue lies relaxed in the lower jaw and is touching the lower teeth.

Drop the jaw, intone the sound “AH”, using abdominal breath, until the breath is finished.

Shape the sound in your mouth, not in the throat.

Now breathe in and out deeply, then say with me:

  • Farm, star, hard -repeat
  • Car, are, marble – repeat
  • Heart, market, harvest, hardship – repeat

Now say:

Salty broccoli, salty broccoli, salty broccoli - repeat

Now let us practice the ‘”AW”’ sound, as in the words bought, yawn, ball.

Here is how you use your vocal organs when you shape this sound:

Drop the lower jaw as you did before, purse the lips slightly without raising the lower jaw;

The base of the tongue rises slightly towards the soft palate, intone the sound “AW”, using your breath

Now breathe in and out deeply, then say with me:

  • Maul, stall, hall - repeat
  • prawn, tall, fall - repeat
  • ball, fawn, lawn, dawn - repeat

And here is a silly tongue twister to practice the AW sound:

  • I saw Esau kissing Kate – I saw Esau – he saw me – and she saw I saw Esau
    • Repeat

In hope that you are having fun with these little exercises. Please join me for the next session where we will practice the consonants “P” and “B”

(Exercises used from the book Speech Training for you by E. Sneddon)



Please consult your medical practitioner before engaging in any of the exercises.  The author made every reasonable effort to ensure that the exercises contained herein will under healthy and normal medical circumstances and conditions not be harmful.