Are you stressed or are you centred?

Have you been in stressful situations lately? Stressful situations have the uncomfortable habit of leaving me out of balance and breathless.   And when I’m out of breath, I can’t speak nor think properly.

Not good for meeting clients or speaking well! 

Here’s an exercise to help get back your energy and breath. You can then work from a place of inner balance and control. You can do this exercise while you wait in the cue at the bank or in a shop, or when you travel, just before an important appointment, or a potentially stressful meeting … 

  • Stand or sit, feet parallel, hip bone width apart
  • Rest the feet on the floor, soles soften
  • Relax the ankles, knee and hip joints
  • Lengthen the neck and spine, let the shoulder blades drop
  • Place your hands on your navel
  • Gently, but deeply, breathe in and out
  • Do this for 1 minute


Image credit: Andre Hunter