I attended the inauguration of a non-profit organization which assists unemployed people learn skills and find job opportunities. What a pleasure to listen to the opening speeches! The first speaker, the chairperson of the Board, presented a striking start: He smiled warmly and took time to connect with the audience by looking at us! The audience felt his sincerity. It was as if he spoke to each person in the room. And he applied all the techniques an outstanding speech needs, quite naturally: The content had good structure, there was plenty of eye contact, he used varying voice dynamics, the speech had something for the head and something for the heart... What a pleasure!

The second speech was just as impressive: The speaker spoke right from his heart, sharing why he loved what the organisation was doing. More importantly, he shared how the organisation assisted men to change their lives for the better. It was a speech with 'snot en trane' (as the Afrikaans people would say for something very emotional). Authentic, good to listen to!