Speech coaching
"This porgramme assisted me in a practical way in my day to day communication." Thinus Smit, CFO
"A wonderfully practical and customised training which makes me grow both personally and professionally. It also encourages you to be innovative and its more than my expectations. I did take a lot which I have already started applying. This is the best investment." Lovisa Nambahu, Internal Auditor
"I am very blessed to have met you and for accepting my request for you to be my coach. It really put me at ease to approach  my interview with confidence." Jacobina T. Anghuwo, Senior Manager Customs and Excise
"My favourite thing about Silke was that she was very accommodative. Working with someone who was incredibly agile, and willing to structure the coaching according to my needs and able to deal with last minute cancelations and lesson changes brought on by my schedule was a huge plus. At a point, it really felt like we were walking a journey together. Silke was always available when I needed her to help me as the events and stages got bigger and bigger, and I really felt like she cared about my progress and development which helped me to invest myself more and more as the coaching progressed. I definitely feel better equipped and know for a fact that Silke has helped me develop into a better speaker." Naufiku Hamunime, Economist at Standard Bank
"The coaching added so much value in my preparation for a speaking event at Women in Mining conference in South Africa. I truly felt prepared and supported. The warmth and attention the coach displayed during our coaching session truly helped with the connecting to her and that made the coaching even more impactful. I would highly recommend ProTrain." Liezl Davies, Operations Manager, Rössing Uranium
"The coaching sessions add value in sense of introduction and closing of a speech. It also added value when it comes to using notes." Titus Kandjenge, GIZ
"Durch das Coaching kann ich meine Vorträge in Zukunft besser gestalten, da ich mich nun mehr darauf konzentriere, wie meine Zuhörerschaft ist und nicht, dass ich besonders schlau rüber komme indem ich Fachbegriffe verwende." Melli Meiring
"Very open approach, encouraging and have a positive outlook, really care for her subjects, feel comfortable and safe in her presence, honest with feedback, she has personal experience in this field and is not just relaying theory." Etienne Visser, CEO, Waltons
"I felt like Silke showed so much interest in my life and its challenges and was willing to go over and above what her duty calls so that I overcome my challenges . . . thumbs up to that!!! I now have positive things to remind myself when I am about to give a speech or a presentation." Fran Musvarimi
"It gave me the confidence to do something out of my comfort zone." Silvia Scriba on speech coaching for speaking in her church
"The coaching was well structured, extremely valuable content and practical tools, which I will use life long, moving forward." Olivia Mae-Oliver speech, H.R. Manager, NDTC
"What was most meaningful is speaking to an audience ensuring to engage them fully. Also, finishing my thoughts and not interrupting myself, furthermore eliminating the uhmm sound during speaking. Lastly, more awareness of my speaking method and getting the right message across." Elsabe Grötzinger, Namdeb
"Working through the presentation was very helpful as Silke paid attention to other aspects that I overlooked." Laura Fietz, DHPS learner
"It made me much more comfortable and at ease before the function (I had to speak at), looked forward to my first try." Karin Farmer
" The training was professionally delivered, and the ways in which Silke demonstrates how public speaking is successfully done are clear and informative. Practicing is fundamental to reach the full benefits of her courses, but the rewards are tangible form the onset." Academic from NUST
" I am able to compile very professional power point presentations. My public speaking abilities have really improved and I am always confident and relaxed." Judith Sinvula - Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia
"The voice coaching was worth my money and time; I went in without a voice and came out with a better voice. And Silke did more than voice coaching." Alma Reed - Student
Developing effective Interpersonal relationships & Customer Care
I would love to have done this earlier! Thank you Silke! Dr. Marita Schünemann, Bismarck 49 Dental Practice
Silke is a very pleasant person and well balanced. Claudia Engling, Bismarck 49 Dental Practice
Sehr viel Geduld, hört gut zu, geht auf alle Teilnehmer ein. Anika Hellmich, Bismarck 49 Dental Practice
Coaching for interviewing skills
I believe I gained some knowledge and skills which have improved my interview skills. Jacobina Ahnungwo
Customer Care Training
Great presentation! D’Arlin Benade, Bidvest
It was an honour to have been part of the training. Willibard Angula, Bidvest
(Silke is) an amazing person, lecturer, coach, trainer. Anesh Naidu, Bidvest
The course was very practical, thank you. Willie Viljoen, Bidvest
Very good facilitator and very interactive. Stefan Fleidl
Coaching for Time Management

 She posesses all necessary skills needed to be a coach. Her reputation precedes her, definitely! Grace Shipanga, Reservations Manager, Hotel Thule 

Presentation: Body Language

 Herzlichen Dank für Ihren interessanten Vortrag zu „Sprechen ohne Worte!“. Sicherlich können wir einigies davon in unseren Alltag mitnehmen und zum Segen für unser Gemeindeleben werden lassen. Gemeindekirchenrat Okahandja & Gobabis

Voice coaching
Gestern war wirklich eine ganz besondere Stunde für mich. Es ist unglaublich, aber das war das letzte Puzzleteil, das ich suchte! Ich wollte mich daher nochmal explizit sehr bei Ihnen bedanken, dass Sie mir diese Erfahrung möglich gemacht haben. In Konsequenz wurde mir dann aber auch klar, dass ich nun ‚ready‘ bin, mich neuen Herausforderungen zu stellen. Nun gibt es keinen einzigen Grund mehr, in der ‚comfort zone‘ zu verharren. Anon
Good morning Silke, Thanks for coaching received. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me and I am pleased to inform you that I managed to succeed in that interview. I am now the new Head of Training for Namibia Customs and Excise Administration, thanks to your training. Jacobina Ahungwo