ProTrain Coaching

Coaching for effective communication

Do you need to speak fluently and confidently at any public event?
Do you want to learn how to use your voice optimally in conveying your messages?
Do you need to develop a speech or presentation?
Do you want to make an outstanding impression at a job interview?

I’m here to help!

In my book, I have compiled all the knowledge and wisdom, and techniques, tips and tricks which I have collected over the years during my work with clients, training courses and speech coaching sessions.
The book includes step-by-step techniques on how to compile an effective talk; the secrets of confident body-language; and techniques on how to use your breath to create a well-rounded voice. It teaches you how to overcome stage fright; how to develop a rich and pleasant voice for public speaking; how to obtain a relaxed body and mind; and much more.

Public Speaking – From Preparation to Presentation